Sunday, February 12, 2012

Tutorial | I Wear My Heart On My Face

Today I'll be doing a couple looks that might not be for everyone, but still fun and still Valentine's day themed! These looks will be super cute on their own with a more natural or pinup eye. If you want to get really crazy you could definitely wear the two looks together!

First look is heart lips:

Start by moisturizing your lips. Let your lip conditioner absorb for about 10-15 minutes and wipe off with a tissue. This will moisturize without leaving a gooey residue.

Choose a light pink and a bright red lip colour. I used OCC Lip Tar in Taffy and NSFW. Regular lipstick will last longer than a lip tar. Apply a matching light pink, or nude, lip liner around the lips and using your finger, blend the liner towards the centre of your lips to soften the harsh line. Apply your light pink lip colour all over the lip. Take a cotton swap and blot the centre of the lip roughly where you're going to apply the heart.

For the red heart, take a matching red lip liner and draw in your heart shape. Start with the top part of the heart and following your cupid's bow start drawing the rounded parts. You want the centre of the heart to start in the centre of your cupid's bow. I extended the top of the heart above my natural lip a bit because I wanted it a little more dramatic. Feel free to keep the heart on your actual lips. Once you have the top part even start on the bottom. Close your lips so that they just touch. Draw an upside down triangle, lining it up with the top part of the heart. Fill in your heart shape with your red lip colour!

If you want something less dramatic, but still cute use two different pink lip colours. Have the heart a slightly darker pink so it's a little more subtle as drawing a heart on your lips could be!

Second look is heart blush!

Draw some cute little hearts on some masking tape. They don't have to look pretty, but they do need to look like hearts!

Cut out the hearts and stick them to the back of your hand a couple times to make them a little less sticky. Stick them to your cheek. Arrange them along where you usually apply your blush. Press them fairly firmly into your cheek so that all the edges are stuck down.

Apply your powder blush where you usually would. Press the blush into your cheek and blend lightly. You don't want to accidentally catch the edge of one of the hearts and ruin the shape.

Using tweezers, gently peel the hearts off downward. This gives you a super cute airbrushed effect!

For something less "intense" you could just add one small heart to the outer part of your cheek bone.

Hope you enjoyed these simple ideas!

Until next time Dolls and Cats,


  1. Ooooh!! I love both of the ideas!! Gosh!! I need to find an occasion to just do pink brows, heart lips, and heart blush. That would be great. :3

    1. Oh...and I wish we lived closer to each other cause I'm making some new stuff and was thinking of getting a model that would really look perfect for them...and you were the first person I could think of! Darn the distance! Where are those teleporters when you need them!?


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