Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tutorial | Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Nails

I thought I would mix things up a little and do a little nail art themed after my favourite ice cream as a kid! You can use other colours as well to make different ice creams such as pink with rainbow "sprinkles" for strawberry ice cream. Best of all you can wear this look on your toes for our warm Spring, depending on your country I guess!

This are the polishes and tools I will be using:

A: Coffee Break by Orly
B: Sunset Sail by China Glaze
C: Re-Fresh Mint by China Glaze
D: Top coat by Seche Vite
E: Dotting tool from Ebay (a pin or tac would work just as well)
F: Striping tool from Ebay

Let's start:

Start with a clean blank nail. Feel free to add a base coat if you are using your natural nails. My nails have been flaking/peeling lately so I'm just going to use falsies. I've attached the nails using regular Scotch brand tape to orange sticks. I just use a long piece of tape and tape around the stick, sticky side down, then I stop about half way and fold the tape back so I can roll the tape around again so the stick side is up. You could probably use double sided tape, but this was all I had on hand. Some of the nails might need extra tape (like the one pictured above) so I just made a little tape bundle and stuck that on the rolled tape and the back of the nail. Some people like to use a little nail glue to do this, but I find it too hard to get the finished nail off the stick after and I end up damaging the false nail. Just be gentle if you use my method...anyways on to the next step!

Paint the entire nail with Coffee Break. Allow to dry a little

Using the striping tool, dip the entire brush end into Sunset Sail and drag some lines across the nail in an angle. Draw only 3-4 stripes because you need a little room to create the waffle cone. Let this completely dry so you don't smudge in the next step.

Using the striping tool again drag lines in the opposite direction, maintaining the same angle. Try to start your new lines between the other lines instead of where the lines in the previous step end/start otherwise your waffle cone will look like laces or ties...if that makes sense ha ha ha.

This part is a little tricky because you want the mint to look like it's actually melting. Angle your nails up and using the brush right from the bottle of Re-Fresh Mint swipe a thick (about 1/4 of your nail) line across the top, you want the ends to be completely mint. Now decide on where you want your "melts" to go and take the polish brush again (make sure there's a decent size blob of polish on the end, not dripping, but goopy) now "dot" 4-5 blobs around the bottom edge of your mint ends. Still keeping your nails angled up make sure there's enough polish so that it starts to run down your nails as if your ice cream is melting. If it helps use the dotting tool to shape the drips. Try not to apply too much or you will have a disaster. If it starts running down too fast or far (more than half way down) angle your nails down. You might have to angle them back and forth until the polish settles. Feel free to add some little drips using the dotting tool (or tac/pin). Because there is so much polish this part might take a bit to dry.

Using a clean dotting tool add little chocolate chips with Coffee Break. Make them different sizes so that they don't look like polka dots. Once the polish was completely dry I attached them, then I applied the top coat. If you want to keep a more 3D effect skip the top coat.

And you are done!

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Hope you like it!
Until next time Dolls and Cats,

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