Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Review | Cult Cosmetics Black Box October 2013

Hello lovlies! It's been a while! As a lot of you know I spend a majority of my time sewing clothing and crafting accessories for my clothing and accessory label: FoxTale, so I don't have time to blog as much, but I'll try a little harder for you guys!

October was a super busy month for me, but I discovered a new subscription box and had to share:

What I like best about this box is that it's all nail polish and nail accessories! I buy so many nail polishes so this is perfect for me. My first box was 50% off and then it's $25USD a month after that.

What Blackbox promises:

- 3 seasonal nail polishes
- a professional nail tool
- always on trend

What I received:

- OPI Pure Lacquer Nail Apps in Blue and Gry Rattlesnake
- MASH 2400 Piece 12 Color Round Nail Art Rhinestones
- OPI Liquid Sand in "Jinx"
- Color Club Nail Lacquer in "Beyond"
- Essie Polish in "The Girls Are Out"
- KDS Nail Glue

Now for more photos and swatches!

OPI Pure Lacquer Nail Apps in Blue and Gry Rattlesnake

"Made from real nail lacquer OPI nail apps combine the ease of a decal with the beauty and art of a salon manicure. Each pack contains 16 pieces and is good for one application with a few leftover pieces to account of varying nail sizes."

Price: CDN$13.75

Get it here
Animal testing: No, but parent company does

I've never used nail stickers before so I'm a little excited to try these. A lot of people have been raving about the quality and how long they last. Snake print isn't really my jam, but I think it'll be cute as an accent nail, or cutting them short to look like tips.

MASH 2400 Piece 12 Color Round Nail Art Rhinestones

"These new rhinestones have an elegant ROUND (simple rhinestone shape) design to increase the amount of nail art options available to you. Each wheel contains 100 rhinestones of 12 different colors for a total of 1,200 rhinestones allowing you to create endless patterns by adding shiny colors & sparkles to your nail art."

Price: USD$5.99

Get it here
Animal testing: Couldn't find any info, but didn't really look that hard to be honest so if you have info please comment and link below!

These are as basic as you can get when it comes to nail are rhinestones, definitely a nail art junkie staple! The packaging on this clearly blows, as you can tell all of the rhinestones got mixed up. The lid is attached pretty good so I'll have to dump them all out and reorganize them...or not because I'm too lazy. The glue that came with everything is perfect to use for this!

 Now onto the polishes!

OPI Liquid Sand in "Jinx"

"A semi-sheer coral base with definitive pink undertones, filled with gold and coral glitter in varying ultra-fine to small sizes"

Price: CDN$8.95
Get it here
Animal testing: No, but parent company does

This polish is pretty sheer so it would be amazing as a top coat over a deep orange or coral. It definitely has a soft sand like texture that I am in love with! Feels like velvet nails, but less fuzzy. I used two coats for the swatch.

Color Club Nail Lacquer in "Beyond"

"A deep, warm, smoky gray-black with holographic shimmer."

Price: CDN$10
Get it here
Animal testing: Cruelty free AND vegan <3

I am so overly obsessed with the hologram trend so I freaked out a little when I pulled this out of the box! It's rainbowy, glittery, holographic radness! Major bonus points for being cruelty free and vegan! I'm definitely going to buy more from this brand! I used two coats for the swatch, but it's so rich and creamy you could get away with one coat no problem.

Essie Polish in "The Girls Are Out"

"A vibrant, fuchsia pink with soft white/silver sparkle suspended in it."

Price: CDN$7.95
Get it here
Animal testing: Cruelty free AND vegan <3

My swatch came out a little dark and the glitter didn't show up that well, but most of the other swatches I've seen online make the polish seem way more pink than it actually is. This is the most lacklustre polish in the trio, but it's still so cute. The fine glitter makes it different from anything else I have in my collection. I used two coats for the swatch.

One of the niftiest things about the Blackbox is it came with a little inspiration card. Thanks to the little rhinestones included I can recreate all these super cute and totally doable looks!

Oh I also got a little Cult Cosmetics sticker in the box, I love little freebies like that!

I hope you enjoyed my little review!

Until next time Dolls and Cats,

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Review | Ipsy Glam Bag "Classic Beauty" September 2013

Instead of catching up with the last two months I'm just going to skip them and jump right into September's Ipsy Glam Bag!

If you've never heard of Ipsy Glam Bag it's basically a beauty subscription "box" where you get monthly beauty related samples. Check out their site for more info:

For an added bonus I included a screen shot of all the discount codes and coupons at the end of this post! If you like what I've reviewed make sure to use one of the codes to save!

Anyways this month's theme was "Classic Beauty"


- Cailyn Cosmetics Tinted Lip Balm in "Big Apple"
- NYX single eyeshadow in "Golden Poppy"
- Elizabeth Mott "It's So Big Volumizing Mascara"
- Starlooks "Obsidian" Kohl Eye Pencil
- skyn ICELAND Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels

Now for more photos and reviews!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Outfit | 80s Barbie

PHOTOGRAPHER :// Thirteen Shots Photography
DRESS :// vintage: Jessica McClintock
NECKLACE :// Tasty Peach Studios
HAIRBOW :// FoxTale

HYPE ://

Friday, August 16, 2013

Mini Haul | - Shoes and Accessories

This was a much needed shoe haul and of course I had to throw in a couple accessories for good measure! I had been wearing the same two pairs of shoes for a couple months now and they were starting to get a little... unpleasant ha ha ha eww! Overall I spent $100USD after shipping and with a coupon code.

I've ordered from before and love their array of extremely affordable shoes. I haven't ordered clothing from them yet, nothing has really caught my eye, but their shoes! Love them!

My sort of "theme" for shoes was definitely the 90s hologram style!

These are pretty amazing in person! So iridescent/holographic and beautiful! They're listed as $11.60 so definitely affordable! They're quite stiff and take a little bit to break them in. They fit true to size. They're not the most amazing quality, but they're under $15 so that's to be expected.

These are identical to the silver, but obviously in the black version! They fit the same as my silver ones so their size consistency seems to be dead on. There is also a gold version I might pick up next time. I also feeling like re-buying all the colours so I can modify them <3

I love these, but they fit a little small and won't be good for wide feet. These are listed at $24.20 and I highly recommend ordering a half size up especially if you have wide feet. These will take a little while for me to break in, but they definitely stand out, I've had many compliments on them!

Sadly the sunglasses and the earrings I bought aren't available anymore :(

I am in love with round sunglasses! I feel like not many people can really pull them off, but I love them and have been buying them for years! And of course I got pentagram earrings! They have no symbolic meaning to me, but I love stars and I feel like wearing pentagrams is the only way I can wear stars without feeling like a little kid ha ha ha!

Have you ever bought anything from before?
Let me know your experiences and what you bought!

If you do order from them check their Facebook page often because they post coupon codes quite frequently. I ended up using a 20% off code that's now expired, but like I said they post them often.

I'm touching up/fixing my hair this week so I will be using all my new goodies in outfit posts in the future!

Until next time Dolls and Cats,

PS I live in Canada and uses UPS which if you live in Canada you know that means major customs and brokerage fees! I ended up paying an additional $35 for customs fees, yikes! This is obviously out of UrbanOG's control, but I emailed them and they said that people can request USPS instead on the customer notes part. Definitely doing that next time!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Outfit | Lazy Cleaning Outfit

Today was a cleaning day, but I decided I'd take a break and play around with some sort of indoor setup for taking outfit photos. As you can see I'm definitely no pro!

I love that top way too much and wear it much too often! It's just so comfy. 

TOP :// Broody Miles
SHOES ://  UrbanOG
RING :// FoxTale
CUFF :// Tobi
NECKLACE :// FoxTale

HYPE ://

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Mini Haul | Makeup, Jewelry, Clothing

I went to Kelowna with my dad on Monday. It was the first time we've had a day off together in months so we decided to get out of Kamloops and do a little shopping.

First off there is nothing out there right now that I like at all, wow. I was set on spending at least $300 (three pay cheque month and I desperately need new clothes) and I barely spent $150.

This is what I ended up with:

MAC eyebrow pencil in Fling and OCC Lip Tar in Queen. Fling is my go to when I have light hair and want a "natural" looking brow colour. I was running low so this was just a refill for me. I have been eyeing up OCC's Queen since it launched in Fall 2011 and when I was perusing the Kelowna Sephora's pathetic OCC "section" I saw it and thought "Meh, why not?" Here is an amazing swatch from Temptalia:

On to non-makeup items:

So I kinda fell in-love with this necklace immediately, but it was $32 so I was a little hesitant. After not finding much else I went back to Rip Curl, the store I found it at, and decided I might as well buy it. I'm extremely picky when it comes to jewelry and you really can't go wrong with unicorns.

I didn't realize until I got home that it's made by a Canadian company in Montreal, so that was rad. I'm terrible for not checking things. My thought process when I purchase things usually goes like this: "Me like. Me buy". You can check out their online shop here: Sadly the one I have looks to be sold out, but they have some other cute things.

Last but definitely not least, the clothes:

An XL Mishka men's shirt that I'll be altering a bit and a super rad large TMLS men's tank that looks perfect as a dress.

I'll add a little gathering in the back to make it look less like an oversized men's shirt and more like a ladies tank dress.

And that's it! I seriously went into every store and ended up buying men's clothes and spending a lot less than I budgeted for ha ha ha. Good thing there is this wonderful world called online shopping!

Until next time Dolls and Cats,

Monday, August 5, 2013

10 Things | August 2013

I want to start doing something a little different like this every month or so. I'm going to pick 5-10 random things that aren't necessarily makeup or beauty products, but all things I'm enjoying for the month.


EOS lip balm "Sweet Mint"

Most people are quite aware of the brand EOS, but I am absolutely in love with the mint one right now! I'm sure it's purely psychological, but I swear it moisturizes better than the other flavours.


Holika Holika Aqua Petite Jelly BB Cream in No 1 Light Beige

At first I hated this! When using my fingers it was so hard to apply evenly and would just soak in and set too fast. Then I tried it with the sponge that was included, which did wonders, but once I tried it with a stippling brush I fell in love! I love using it as a makeup base but in a rush it's great on its own. As long as I blend well it's light and neutral enough for my ultra pale skin.


Mitchiri Neko!

This is seriously my new obsession! I love the webcomic, the iPhone game and most of all the march:

How can you not fall in love <3

The game is weirdly addicting. It's free and all you really do is collect different types of cats by combining them in a jar. 

Here are a couple screen shots from the game:

For a full breakdown, more screenshots and where to download check out:


Yoga Studio iPhone app
I love this app! I believe it was $2.99, a total steal for what you get.

Some screenshots:

There are three levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced and five focuses: balance, combination, flexibility, relaxation and strength. There are pre-made classes in each level and focus ranging from 15mins to an hour, but you can also create your own routines. There's full video for each posture and when you play the classes it's like watching a full video that you can pause with a tap. Also there's rad relaxing yoga music in the background if you'd like.

Check out their website:


This workout routine!

It's perfect for us ladies who want to get sexy buff, but don't want to get scary buff and only have 15-30 mins to workout everyday!

Seriously do this! My butt, thighs, arms and abs look a million times better after doing this for a couple months. If you can only workout say three days a week, just combine the days or add on the stuff you missed.


Bananas with peanut butter!

I have been super busy in the mornings so this has become my breakfast. It's seriously just two bananas ripped into chunks then covered in Adam's smooth peanut butter. Delicious!


GUD from Burt's Bees Hand Cream

I mostly bought this for the name "Pearanormal Activity" because puns kill me every time! The smell is  pretty strong, but yummy one of my co-workers says it smells like candy. It moisturizers well and soaks in fast.



I love her so much and her new ep is coming out tomorrow.



"When two soldiers from opposite sides of a never-ending galactic war fall in love, they risk everything to bring a fragile new life into a dangerous old universe. "

I read a lot of graphic novels, I work in a comic shop part time so it comes with the territory. I am loving this series right now! So far there are only two trades (trade paperbacks, basically a collection of 6 comics) out, but if you like something along the lines of Star Wars meets Romeo and Juliet you'll probably love this. If things like nudity and sex, namely interspecies sex, offends you then I highly recommend you don't read it.


Prophet: Remission

"On distant future Earth, changed by time and alien influence, John Prophet awakes from cryosleep. His mission: to climb the the towers of Thauili Van and restart the Earth empire. News of the Empire's return brings old foes and allies out of the recesses of the vast cosmos. "

Another great series! Pretty much feels like a bunch of writers and artists were told the basic story line and then were given free range on creativity. Might be considered a little weird and artsy by the less cultured ;)

Let me know if this is something you guys would like to see more of!

Until next time Dolls and Cats,
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