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About Me:

I'm a cat worshipping fashion designer for Tooth and Eye. I love vegan food and all colours pertaining to purple. I love my big butt, pale skin and lips. I'm self conscious about my eyes and having food stuck in my teeth. I mumble and under react about everything. I wear a lot of lipstick, read comics and play video games. I'm not shy, but I'm socially awkward. I'm blunt which mostly comes off as rude. I find it weird and narcissistic writing about myself, yet I'm fine taking a million photos of myself and my vanilla life.

About This Blog:

You will see mostly reviews, tutorials and DIYs related to makeup and fashion, but I might throw in some of my personal life here and there. Everything I review, use for tutorials, etc has been purchased with my own money, unless otherwise noted. I do not keep a schedule for blog posts. My life is total, enjoyable chaos and I will post when ever I damn well please.

Public Relations:

I welcome new opportunities and love trying out new products and brands. I am selective about the products/items I use and review for my blog in order to suit my style and ethics. In general I prefer beauty products that are animal friendly and clothing items without furs, leathers or feathers. Major bonus points for vegan, handmade and indie products! Keep in mind that my reviews will be as honest as possible and will not be pre-approved by brands. This is for the sole benefit of my readers. If you are interested in a partnership please contact me at: makeupbybisque@gmail.com



Tooth and Eye (My handmade label):

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